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Performance Matters

Running a real estate business requires courage, commitment, and determination. It’s hard but rewarding – even in the face of tough managerial issues that are difficult to resolve.

Amongst the toughest issues (and perhaps the least liked part of being an employer) is managing difficult, uncooperative or under-performing employees.

Unfortunately, failure to manage performance issues quickly and effectively can see the problem escalate into a major issue with adverse implications for the business.

The problem with sweeping a performance or behavioural issue under the carpet is that it can end up causing more problems than are solved by ignoring it

The best way to manage unsatisfactory performance is to do everything possible to ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place. In this regard, employers should consider the following questions:

  • Does the employee clearly understand what’s expected and how you’ll measure their performance?
  • Does the employee possess the contemporary skills and knowledge to best do their job?
  • Does the employee have the necessary tools and equipment to perform at optimum level?

Make sure every position within your agency has specific requirements and, where possible, measurable but realistic standards. Then, when an employee is not meeting the requirements, deal with it immediately!

Yes, it’s difficult, but absolutely necessary to have these difficult conversations where an employee is underperforming.

The management of an employee’s performance or conduct is perhaps the most difficult task that employers are forced to confront.

REEF’s strong advice is to address issues of underperformance in a prompt, structured and consistent manner. Never avoid having the ‘tough love’ conversations with employees where it’s warranted. The potential benefits of addressing problematic performance or conduct early, will certainly outweigh any momentary discomfort or disappointment for both employer and employee.


If you have any questions or would like a step by step procedure to managing these conversations effectively please call our Workplace Relations Advisors on 1300 616 170. They can provide advice about how to best deal with the situation.