New template documents now available

A number of template documents in REEF’s People Management System have recently been updated to account. Find out what the changes are.

Updated templates

  • Commission-Only – Option 1 – Commission Margin (Pay Now-Debit Later) Scheme Employment Agreement Updated 13 September 2018
  • Commission-Only – Option 2 – Commission Margin (Debit-As-You-Go) Scheme Employment Agreement Updated 13 September 2018
  • NEW Licensee-In-Charge Position Description Updated 16 July 2018
  • EEO, Discrimination, Harrassment and Workplace Bullying Policy Updated 9 July 2018
  • Commission Structure for Debit-Credit and Target Updated 12 September 2018

Only the latest versions of these template documents should be used. If you’ve downloaded previous versions of these template documents, please delete them immediately and only use the most recent versions moving forward.

So what’s changed?

The main change to the commission-only employment agreements is the insertion of a default provision for the debiting of vendor paid advertising that’s not recovered from the vendor. This is something that more and more employers have wanted to include in their employment agreements. If the provision does not suit your purposes, you can remove it; it is now an opt-out provision, rather than an opt-in provision.

To help simply the complex nature of calculating commission entitlements for an employee on a commission-only arrangement, we’ve amended the template Employment Agreements by combining the two columns headed ‘Base Commission’ and ‘Base Commission Superannuation’ into a single column headed ‘Guaranteed Base Commission (inclusive of superannuation)’. This provides for the combined minimum percentage of 34.4925%.

We’ve also created a new position description for the role of Licensee-In-Charge.

And the EEO policy has been amended to accommodate issues regarding inter-office relationships. The revised policy sets the ground rules for how such relationships will be managed.


If you have any questions about the updated templates, call the REEF Helpline on 1300 616 717.