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Industry First! REEF’s new COVID-19 Workplace Policy

Under WHS law, all businesses are required to manage the risk of workers and others in the workplace contracting COVID-19. Businesses and workers must comply with national and state public health directions, and promote simple and effective physical distancing and hygiene measures.

To assist you in setting good behavioural standards associated with managing COVID-19 in the workplace, REEF is pleased to announce the release of its template policy COVID-19 Workplace Policy.

You can download a copy of this policy by logging into REEF’s People Management System.

Prior to its implementation, it is important that the policy is distributed and discussed with all affected employees. These discussions may result in minor amendments to the template which cater to your business needs.

Do I really need a workplace policy related to COVID-19?

Given the serious health and business consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, a specific set of rules around its management within the workplace is not only appropriate but essential. Employees need to understand that your agency takes this health issue seriously.