Greg Paterson celebrates 25 years at REEF

There are very few people who know more about workplace relations in the real estate space than our Membership Service Director, Greg Paterson, and this month he marks 25 years with REEF.

Over this time, he’s worked tirelessly for the benefit of all real estate employers and continues to distinguish himself as one of our industry’s true leaders. We all owe him a debt of thanks.

Greg was appointed as REEF’s Executive Director in 1993 and for 23 years guided and shaped the success of the organisation. Responsible for driving the development and implementation of innovative, cost-effective and value-add services for real estate employers, he was – and continues to be – instrumental in helping agencies comply with their extensive employment obligations.

Greg stepped down as Executive Director in 2016 and moved into the newly created position of Membership Services Director. His passion has always been to work directly with real estate employers and assist them with their workplace issues, and moving into this new position allowed Greg to focus more directly on membership growth, as well and guiding and protecting the workplace interests of our members and subscribers.

Today Greg is, without doubt, the white knight of the real estate industry. He works tirelessly on behalf of real estate employers to keep agencies on the straight and narrow – and, in many cases, out of jail!

He’s recognised not only as NSW’s, but also Australia’s, leading and most dominant expert in industrial matters affecting the real estate industry. There wouldn’t be a real estate agency in the state that hasn’t benefited from his 25 year passion for creating an industrial workplace environment built around fairness and professionalism.

Most recently, Greg has been a driving force behind REEF’s work to shape the new Real Estate Industry Award. Without his input and dedicated efforts, there’s little doubt the outcome would have been a good deal worse for our industry.

Highly regarded, easily approachable, extremely knowledgeable and always willing to lend a hand, Greg is an unwavering champion for real estate employers.

On behalf of REEF and the wider real estate industry, I’d like to extend my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to Greg for his decades long contribution. Without him, our industry would be vastly different.