Federal Rule changes endorsed by Executive Committee

On 16 December 2016, the Executive Committee unanimously endorsed a number of Rule changes, which have now been lodged with the Fair Work Commission for its approval.

The Rule changes are of a technical nature and primarily concern the Federation’s financial affairs encompassment.

Should members have concerns or wish to seek clarification about these changes please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bryan Wilcox
Chief Executive Officer

Federal Rule changes

  1. Insert a new definition into Rule 2 – Definitions:
    “associated State body” means the body known as the Real Estate Employers’ Federation registered under the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act (NSW).
  2. Insert the following new sub-paragraph 13(4):
    Notwithstanding any other provision in the Rules, the membership contributions for a person who is, or wishes to become, a member of the Federation, may be paid to the associated State body. Payment of full membership contributions to the associated State body will satisfy the requirement to pay membership contributions under these Rules and will mean the person is a financial member of the Federation with all attaching rights and obligations.
  3. Insert the following sentence at the end of sub-paragraph 18.1:
    Provided that the Federation will not operate a bank account that is separate from the associated State body.
  4. Insert the following sentence at the end of sub-clause 18.2:
    Provided that any financial transaction of the associated State body will be considered a financial transaction of the Federation.
  5. Insert a comma after the words “Australian Capital Territory” appearing in sub-clause 32(4)(a)(i) and then insert the words “Victoria or Tasmania”.