Are you a real estate employer of choice?

As an employer, you’re on the look out for great employees. Likewise, employees are on the look out for a great employer. So what are they looking for? And do you fit the bill?

Research shows that 50 per cent of employers experience a shortage of candidates when seeking new employees. There’s also increasing evidence of ‘job snobbery’, with candidates becoming more choosy about the jobs they’ll accept.

So what can you do to attract good employees?

One vital element is to be regarded as an ‘employer of choice’ by both your existing employees and potential candidates.

But what does that mean? Will offering higher compensation and lots of benefits and perks make you an employer of choice? Not necessarily. It’s about a lot more. It’s about offering a work culture and work environment that will attract and retain employees.

How does your agency rate?

All employers of choice are not the same. Not every employer fits every employee. One candidate’s employer of choice may not be the same as another candidate’s, but research shows that employees want to work for employers who:

  • Provide training and development opportunities
  • Allow for flexible work hours and leave arrangements
  • Give as much empowerment or control over job responsibilities as possible
  • Put on events and get togethers, and invite family members to join in
  • Show support and sympathy when family problems arise
  • Deal with employment and discipline issues as quickly and fairly as possible
  • Has clear employee policies in place
  • Provide information about progress, strategies and other aspects of the business
  • Make as much effort as possible to provide a reasonable work environment
  • Make a fuss of special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

For some, being an employer of choice may seem like spoiling employees or giving too much away. However experts agree that the quality and productivity rewards reaped by an employer can be high where employees see themselves as highly valued.