Make REEF your 1st call

Make REEF your 1st call

Membership Services Director Greg Paterson recalls the moment 20 years ago that he came to realise just how important REEF's services are to real estate employers.

"Twenty years ago, I’d check the industrial law hearing lists every day in the paper. One day a particular matter before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission caught my eye because it involved a REEF member agency. The member hadn’t contacted REEF to discuss the matter, so I knew nothing about the circumstances he was confronting.

I wandered down to the hearing and introduced myself to the member – let’s call him Rob. Rob was facing an unfair dismissal claim. He had engaged Senior Counsel to represent him at a cost of $3000 a day. The ex-employee was seeking the maximum compensation of six months’ salary.

Upon talking with Rob it was immediately apparent to me that a jurisdictional argument could be raised. Rob’s Senior Counsel, who didn’t specialise in industrial law, wasn’t aware of the jurisdictional matter but after raising the argument the proceedings headed in a completely different direction and the matter was settled in the amount of two weeks’ pay.

I asked Rob why he’d engaged Senior Counsel at $3000 per day when REEF provides an advocacy service at no charge. Turns out that while he knew REEF represented the interests of the entire industry, he didn’t know we provided advocacy assistance to individual members confronting employment problems.

The lesson? Always call REEF first.

We can provide you with qualified, professional and cost-effective advice about how to best deal with employment claims from employees or ex- employees. And, if necessary, we can represent you before the relevant industrial tribunal."

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