Do you need to include personal/carer's leave on pay slips?

Do you need to include personal/carer's leave on pay slips?

The REEF advice team recently received an interesting question about whether an employee's personal/carer's leave balance needs to appear on their pay slip.

The employee advised her employer that she needed to have some extended time off work to have an operation. She asked whether she had accrued enough personal/carer’s leave to cover the duration of the expected absence.

The employee also advised the employer that her understanding was that her accrued balance was required to be shown on her pay slip.

Does it?

In short, no. 

No such requirement exists, but there are obligations in relation to keeping certain employment records (including an employee’s leave entitlements), as well as the issuing of pay slips. 

The Fair Work Regulations provide that the employer must maintain a record of an employee’s leave entitlements. The record must set out any leave the employee takes, as well as the balance (if any) remaining from time to time. 

The Regulations also state the details that must be specified on an employee’s pay slip. It must show:

  • Employee’s name
  • Employer’s name
  • Employer’s ABN
  • Time period to which the pay slip relates
  • Date on which payment was made 
  • Gross amount of payment 
  • Net amount of payment 
  • Any amount paid that is a bonus (e.g. commission), loading, allowance, penalty rate or other separately identifiable entitlement. 

The Regulation does not provide that leave balances need to be included on an employee’s pay slip. Our understanding at REEF is that the Fair Work Ombudsman provides advice that while it’s best practice to show an employee’s leave balance on their pay slip, it’s not required. 

As a final note, members should remember that if an employee asks about their current entitlement to any type of leave, you are required to provide them with the correct advice. 

If you have any questions, please call REEF on 1300 616 170.

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