You're hired! But wait: Checking licences and certificates

You're hired! But wait: Checking licences and certificates

CV, tick. Interview, tick. Reference checks, tick. You’ve found the perfect candidate. But there’s still one more critical box you need to tick. Do they have a current Real Estate Licence or Certificate?

The hiring process can be hectic. With so much going on, it’s all too easy for some things to slide when it comes to due diligence. But one thing you simply can’t let slide is ensuring your employees each have a valid Real Estate Licence or Certificate of Registration.


What’s the risk?

If you think the risk of non-compliance in this area is limited to fines, think again.

Yes, you can face fines as an individual and as a corporation. But the fall out can be much greater.

You may potentially even need to refund commissions generated by the employee acting without a Licence or Certificate.

Each state and territory has different laws in place when it comes to operating a real estate business, but all have one thing in common – an overarching restriction on conjuncting with a person who does not hold a Licence or Certificate.

Whether you’re engaging with an employee or external contractor, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure they have a current real estate Licence or Certificate in the jurisdiction in which you’re operating.


Checking online

These days, checking if a new recruit or current employee has a current Licence or Certificate is quick and easy. All you need to do is jump online and enter the person’s name:



If you have questions, call the REEF Helpline on 1300 616 170 and speak to one of our Workplace Relations Advisors.


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