What a year! REEF's report card for 2018

What a year! REEF's report card for 2018

It's been another busy year at REEF, as we continue to focus on providing a range of meaningful, cost-effective and quality products and services to help you manage, support and grow your business. Here's a snapshot of what we've been up to.



The Helpline continues to grow in popularity and is REEF’s most-used service, with our members and subscribers calling us in droves! Those who take advantage of the service clearly gain a great sense of comfort in knowing that advice and assistance is only a phone call away, and REEF’s highly-skilled team of Workplace Relations Advisors is on hand to help deal with employment problems and workplace issues quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

Sometimes an issue can’t be solved in a single phone call. Where an employment dispute arises, our team will continue to work with you to provide solutions. You can be sure they’ll give you independent, timely, accurate and practical advice to help solve any dispute.

15,000 member calls to the Helpline

400 serious employment disputes



Workplace relations is a complex and ever-changing environment, so it’s essential to stay up to date. That’s why REEF works so hard to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. From email updates and regular newsletters to fact sheets and videos, the last 12 months have seen a wealth of new and updated information made available to members and subscribers, ensuring you’re up to date with changes to the Real Estate Industry Award, changes to rates of pay, new leave obligations and much more.

22,000 visits to

6 editions of the Employers’ Guide published

25 email newsletters and alerts sent out

2 rates of pay updates distributed

8 fact sheets updated

19 new episodes of REEF TV produced



When you join REEF, you receive complimentary access to our People Management System to help your agency better manage its most important asset – its people. Those using the system have the peace of mind of knowing they’re complying with their extensive employment obligations. As part of our commitment to you, we’re continually modifying and updating the People Management System to ensure it remains relevant to your needs – and in 2018 this was more important than ever before given the changes to the Real Estate Industry Award.

100+ template agreements, contracts and documents reviewed and updated



Our advocacy service remains an integral part of REEF’s industrial armoury, providing you with experienced representation when you need it most. It is a complimentary service, that you can access in the event your agency is on the receiving end of an employment based claim. We’re on hand to help and will work with you every step of the way. Over the last 12 months, we’ve again provided members and subscribers with qualified and professional advice about how to best deal with claims and, where necessary, have represented them before the relevant industrial tribunal.

56 members represented at the Fair Work Commission



As a registered organisation under the Fair Work Act 2009, REEF is the principal industry voice for real estate employers. We take a lead role in lobbying for changes aimed at enhancing the industry’s employment framework. While others sit on the sidelines, we roll up our sleeves and fight on your behalf to ensure any changes best serve your interests.

The last 12 months have seen REEF representing real estate employers on a wide range of issues including changes to the Real Estate Industry Award, the Fair Work Commission’s review of various “common issues” (such as arrangements for part-time and casual employees, and termination of employment provisions), the review of part-time commission-only arrangements and much more.

50+ years protecting the rights of real estate employers



In 2018, for the eighth consecutive year, we teamed up with REINSW for their annual roadshow, travelling the length and breadth of New South Wales to bring real estate employers vital information. And, for the first time, this year we also brought our own roadshow to Queensland. Both roadshows were extremely well received by all in attendance and provided essential information to employers about a wide range of topics impacting their business.

We also conducted more than 60 tailored information and training sessions across the nation. That we’re so frequently asked by both major franchise groups and independent agencies to do these sessions is testament to the fact that REEF is their go-to body when they want information they can trust.

2 roadshows across New South Wales and Queensland

26 metro and regional locations

600+ real estate employers in attendance at roadshows

62 tailored information and training sessions

1000+ real estate employers reached across New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland and Victoria at tailored sessions


Want to know more?

If you want to know more about any of REEF’s services and learn how they can benefit your business, give us a call on 1300 616 170.


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